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Many of our students in Maliki Boys High School come from low background families and this pose a great challenge to the needs surrounding their academic life such as payment of school fees, need for pocket money, food and accommodation. At such point some of our students face a tough academic life here in our institution at some point when they cannot meet the above needs and some may end up dropping out of school before their fourth year.

Sponsors may step in in supporting any kind of students who may need their support. Some of our students here are orphans, others are single parented, others come from broken families and all these factors contribute a lot to failure in their academic journey.

These needy boys owe their free places to kindness of sponsors, whether individuals or groups, who pay the costs of the boys’ care and education and at the same ,so far as they are able or wish to do so, take a personal interest in their progress.

Interested sponsors and well-wishers will be provided with the necessary information concerning the student (s) they wish to sponsor such as their families background and their academic continuity and progress. Sponsors are also urged not to send pocket money directly to the boys. If sent by cheque to the school, money will be properly receipted, placed in a special account, and be issued to the boy at regular intervals. Any form of sponsorship will be highly appreciated.

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