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Maliki Boys High School each year records an increase in the number of students who are admitted to this institution. This transition poses a challenge with regards to the facilities we have in place. We value the lives of our ambitious boys who come to look for education here and at such point we must struggle to ensure we give them good environment for learning. We have a number of projects that we have in place and we still urge other well-wisher who would like to stand with us in some of our projects or new ones to come out. In kind donation you can greatly help us feed these needy boys with their grievances throughout their educational lifetime.

Some of the projects that we will wish you stand with us include:-


Maliki Boys High School currently has one nurse and still needs to have a well-equipped school clinic that will offer medical support and better delivery of health services to our boys. The school does not have a sanoturium which makes no privacy at all as the student fears giving their history on medical complain. Serious cases remain in the dormitories. The school nurse would wish to have a well equipped school clinic so that students are confidently treated


Currently we have one computer lab that is installed with ten computers and one white board. All our students who are admitted to this institution are encouraged to take Computer Studies because we value providing effective and efficient training on matters concerning ICT to our students. The so called ten computers are very slow and this undermine our mission in offering ICT knowledge to our young boys.


Currently, we have three dormitories but we still wish to build other dormitories to cater for the challenge we have each year of the ever increasing students population who get admitted here. The school still seek to furnish these dormitories with better facilities like beds, security lights to ensure our students lead a better life at this centre.

For any support you would wish to provide in at our Center,please talk to us through the Director Of Studies office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on how you as an organization or individual can come in place and support our projects, be in the frontend of ensuring our students have all the opportunities they are dreaming for. Any form of support will be highly appreciated.

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